Why MVP development can act as a life savior for startups

Published on 3rd November, 2022 5 min read


MVP (or Minimum viable Product) development is a game-changing way to develop successful products and software. In the software industry, if you want to make it big and ensure you maintain your success, you need to have a great track record with the software product that you release. Being a startup, building trust in your company at the beginning is highly important. For that, you need to recognize your strong points and weak points. You also need to recognize how and where you will put the right finances for the right resources. This needs to be done while keeping your costs low before you jump into full-time development of your product. At this point is where MVP development is going to help you up your game.

Essentially, MVPs are a stripped-down version of the software you eventually want to develop. The MVP will have all the essential features and basic characteristics of your product. When this product is launched in the market, you can send it out to your target audience. This will allow the users that you intend this product to engage with the features and ideas you have for your product. Once the MVP is out, important data and feedback are collected from the users who were using your software. Before making the MVP, you analyze and strategize what you decide to be the path of your product. Post-launch, you can make adjustments and revise your products based on the feedback that you have received.


MVP development also includes validating ideas that are relevant to the project. You can incorporate unique features into your product while at the same time ensuring that you have a competitive edge with your product in the market. With this, you can plan and develop a product that has futuristic but realistic goals. Once launched, this MVP can get feedback. You can conduct multiple testing’s and fix glitches and bugs that come up. Furthermore, you can add features like AI, VR, data science, the Internet of Things plus a lot more during the development of the MVP. All of this is based on your requirements and the needs of the product you want to develop. This method enables you to evolve your product as it develops. This means product development that is dynamic, scalable and extremely adaptable to shifting market conditions. A successful deployment of an MVP builds the base for a robust and successful final product.

As a startup, this entire process will act as a life savior for you because this translates into efficient work that can save time and effort. When you put your MVP out to the test, you can also use this as a time to gain attention from investors. It will contain the essential features that will be eventually part of the final result and this can be a good way to present your software to people and companies ready to invest in your company and product. Since the code-based MVP can be ready within 2 to 6 months for users, this means less financial investment compared to the investment that would require when developing the full version of your software. The MVP will contain the absolute necessities that can depend on the niche you are in, therefore the costs can be anywhere between 5 to 15 per cent of your actual product.


Plus, the quick development time means you can release your software early and stay ahead of the competition. All that while maintaining a high-quality product. You can work on the slow and gradual growth of your software as you realize what works and what does not work for it. You can make thorough analyses and revisions to your product. With this type of analysis, you can ensure that the product is meeting your business requirements and also if it matches the intended goals you have decided for the result.

As a startup, all this work will ensure that your reputation holds up by putting out a product that is vetted and verified. One that is efficient and meets the targets and demands that it requires. By being a cost-effective method MVP development also means you can use this method for a long-term period. A successful product is created only with great and efficient foundations and MVP development helps you build that foundation.


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