How Ed-Tech is changing the traditional education system?

Published on 14th November, 2022 5 min read


Like any other enterprise aspect, the shifting needs of consumers, in this case, students and lifelong learners need to be taken into account in the ed-tech sector. All of these changes have been taken into effect with the massive rise in popular online classes and courses and the use of tablets, projectors and interactive whiteboards. We saw the rise in ed-tech, especially during the pandemic and the lockdown period. With all learning institutions and organisations moving to an online-only learning methodology, post the pandemic, its remnants remain.

Ed-tech software has now been incorporated into everyday learning, making it what can be called as new schooling. This new schooling method also aims to address issues that traditional schooling could now find effective solutions for. One of the major issues was about giving special and focused importance to each student in say - a classroom of 50. This is done by offering materials, classes and training online according to the needs of the student. This can make the sessions interactive and fun to learn.


While it is considered in this way, ed-tech software is not intended to replace teachers and educators but instead acts as an extension of their teaching methodology. Such software creates a hub for studying and organizing the syllabus that can help take the load off of teachers. Students too can access their work and syllabus in a convenient and accessible manner. One of the biggest goals of ed-tech software is to reduce dependency on teachers. Students too can access their work and syllabus in a convenient and accessible manner. This is a two-sided solution that benefits students and teachers at the same time.

Despite common belief, ed-tech software is a cost-effective way of approaching the field of education. It is a huge myth that ed-tech is an expensive alternative to the traditional educational systems that have existed for decades. If you compare the cost of investment in ed-tech software compared to the process of transportation, hiring of resources, administration management and many other redundant processes that exist in traditional systems, you can recognise that ed-tech software offers a more cost-effective alternative system.


Finally, we need to recognise that changing times and the evolution of tech need to keep up with each other. While there is a new generation that is inclined to be more tech-savvy, there is a need to cultivate this among upcoming learners as well. Ed-tech software that is part of a student’s curriculum enables a more technologically educated learner base and eventually a workforce that is up to date with the latest in technology. This is necessary so that students are ready to face a world out there that is fast-paced and constantly evolving. Regardless of what field they end up in, being tech educated and able to adapt to new technologies is a must as it is a massive part of everyday life and professions.

Ed-tech is changing and challenging the traditional systems of education. The improvements it brings to the table are game-changing and make sure that quality education and learning remain a priority.


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